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What are Some Different Bathroom Faucet Styles?

With an abundance of touchless bathroom faucet commercial styles to choose from, there’s a perfect match for any ideal design. For contemporary flair and sparkle, try out one with the top open like a waterfall – some even featuring lights along its edges! If traditional is more your style, go vintage or Victorian; art deco taps are also popular options sure to give your space that timeless touch you’re looking for.

If you’re aiming to create a romantic, old-fashioned bathroom with classic charm, be sure to pair it with the right type of sink taps. Faucets in Victorian or vintage style work best for that traditional look – modern designs may seem out of place when paired with an ornate claw foot bathtub! However if done tastefully through careful coordination between details like walls and flooring, an eclectic decor could give your space personality.

Faucet Types

1. Bridge

If you want the perfect blend of classic design and top-of-the line modern amenities, a bridge faucet is what you need! With just two holes in your countertop instead of three, these stylish fixtures bring together traditional elegance with cutting edge technology. It’s no wonder why they’ve become so popular among homeowners looking to make a statement in their bathrooms.

With an undermount sink, you have the freedom to experiment with a bridge faucet. This type of installation is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to maintain since it’s mounted on top of your bathroom countertop and there are fewer areas for dust or grime build up. Keeping hygiene in mind, this could be the perfect combination for any modern-day bathroom!

2. Center-set

Give your bathroom a center-set makeover with these faucets! Featuring two handles and an independent spout, this type of design is perfect for basins that have three holes. Not only does it provide equal space between its classic four inch handle distance, but some models even come mounted on six-inch plates – making them ideal for larger sinks as well.

3. Single-handle

Single-handle faucets are a fashionable cornerstone for any bathroom or kitchen design. With one single lever controlling the water temperature and pressure, this type of modern fixture adds convenience to your daily routines. So why not give those interiors an upgrade with these stylish yet practical pieces?

Installing a single-handle sink faucet is an easy, straightforward task! With only one or two holes needed for installation, you don’t need to worry about any extra space in your countertop. Need more coverage? Most modern models come with plates specifically designed to block off any additional openings.

4. Spread-fit

Spread-fit faucets are the perfect choice for any concealed sink connection beneath a countertop or vanity deck. Unlike centre-set bathroom faucets, these feature separate spouts and handles that can be up to 10 inches away from one another – allowing you extra flexibility when it comes to tight installations. Whether mounted on opposite sides of your sink configuration or in an offset position, spread fit is designed for convenience without compromising aesthetics!

5. Deck mount

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen sink, a deck mount faucet may be the perfect fit. This style of faucet is mounted directly on top of the countertop for an instant modern touch – no extra drilling into walls needed! Deck mounts are also ideal for bathtubs too, making them truly versatile pieces that will elevate any room with ease.

6. Wall-mount

Wall-mounted faucets are a stylish and contemporary way to upgrade your sink area. From traditional designs that make an instant impact, to chic modern styles with unique finishes for added flair, these faucet solutions come in all shapes and sizes – the perfect option no matter what look you’re going for!

With its updated, adaptable style and no-fuss look, wall mounted fixtures offer a chic yet functional option that’s quickly gaining in popularity. According to designer Malachi Connolly from Remodelista: “It offers the perfect balance between modernism and practicality.”

Installing a wall-mount faucet on your vanity sink is more than just an aesthetic choice – it can make cleaning the space around your sink much easier. Without conventional hardware in the way, tough dirt and calcium deposits that tend to build up at the back of sinks become readily accessible for deep scrubbing.

7. Vessel

Vessel sinks are an exciting way to make a statement in your bathroom. These unique countertop basins come in a variety of materials, including ceramic and glass – the most popular today! In addition, you can choose from fired ceramic, stainless steel, stone copper or marble if you’re looking for something more decorative and exclusive. Keep in mind that vessel sinks should remain solely as decor pieces within bathrooms – they may not be suitable additions to other rooms like kitchens.

When choosing the perfect vessel sink faucet, you have several options to consider. To create a look that is totally unique to your space, opt for either single-hole or double-hole configurations installed directly onto the countertop or bathroom vanity. Alternatively, choose between wall and deck mount designs to enhance any style of interior design!

Looking for a way to make your vessel sink feel complete? Check out faucets specifically designed with high clearance – they’re perfect for clearing even the highest rimmed basin. And while most need four inches of space, some particularly tall designs may require more.

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