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The Real Story Behind Bottled And Jarred Packaged Goods

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Bottle and Jar Packaging Goods History:

The glass packaging industry has been in use since 1500 BC because of its characteristic of preservation. Glass packaging was initially restricted to the preservation of spirits and wines.

In the present time storage and preservation can be made easier by the use of containers and bottles frequently in the food industry.

The packaging of the Bottle and Jar aids in keeping food products fresher. This Bottled And Jarred Packaged Goods allows buyers to view the actual item clearly and helps them make the right choice.

Foods packed in bottles or jars are suitable for quite a while. Glass containers were common for food storage in Ancient Egypt well before they were invented.

Through the years the technology behind bottles hasn’t changed. In 1900, the very first machine to make bottles was invented.

Glass containers are commonly utilized for chemical use at home. Glass containers are now less expensive in comparison to bottles made of plastic.

Despite the increased competition, bottles are still available in large quantities. For years, producers who make medical and food products have preferred packaging in jars instead of bottles.


The following types of food packaging is used mostly to protect the food away from contact with the elements in order to prolong its shelf-life for a longer period of time. The kind of jar can be specifically designed for items which are packed.

1.Glass Jars:

Glass jars are mostly used to store pickles , so that their smell, color, taste and flavor remain for a longer period of time. Mango, olives, lemon pickle, and many other food items are packaged in glass jars to ensure that they do not get affected by the color or material within which they are stored.

2. Bottles:

Bottles are another storage device that is used for packaging food items such as dairy products that include buttermilk, milk and so on. on the list. In the list, cold drinks, juices, water, etc. are also packed with plastic containers.

3. Canisters:

Glass containers are utilized for preserving food, similar to glass jars, and we can utilize them in a variety of ways. You can find fresh fruits kept in acid-free glass canisters, to ensure that they are kept germ-free. Sometimes fish, meat, and other items are packaged in glass canisters.

The Advantages of Bottled and Packaged Items:

* Long shelf-life of Jams, Pickles, Jellies

The length of time that the product is stored in plastic and glass containers extends the shelf longevity of the product by several times. You can store the fresh olives for the entire year, however it is feasible with glass canisters and glass jars.

* Food Packaging That is Free of Germs, Food Items

If food items are packaged in bottles or jars it is sterile and the risk of contamination by bacteria is reduced to a large extent. Therefore, if you purchase canned or jarred food then there’s no reason to be concerned about the contamination with germs.

* Secure and Simple to Transport Across the World:

If food items are packaged in plastic canisters, bottles and jars, it is safe to transport from one place to another without fear of leakage or spillage.

Glass Bottles have Disadvantages, Canisters and Jars for Food Packaging:

* Cost of Packaging is High:

One of the major drawbacks of food packaging in bottles and jars is the fact that they can cost more than the price of food that is stored inside containers. Glass canisters are much more costly and this is the reason that many people do not choose to use them.

* Food Packed Contains Preservatives:

The foods that are packaged inside these containers are made up of preservatives that aren’t very good for us. A lot of people are reluctant to consume food items that contain preservatives, and even expectant mothers are advised to avoid canned foods and drinks.

* Colour and Taste Often Disappear When Chemicals are Used:

Although glass jars are the best to protect the color and flavor of the product that is stored inside, there are times when the taste can be altered due to a variety of reasons such as preservatives that are added to these glass containers. After spending money on containers, if you’re not able to preserve the flavor, what’s the point of packaging?

* Glass Jars Can be Prone to Break:

If glass jars cannot be taken care of, they will easily break. Especially when there are children at home, it is essential to be mindful when using glass containers. There are a lot of chances of jars breaking when delivering long distances or transporting them on trips.


We could conclude that the use of glass cans and jars as well as bottles are beneficial however it is necessary to accept some negative elements that come with the use of glass containers. Everything has two phases as is the case with packaging for goods that comes with more advantages and few disadvantages. This is why you should select packaged food products for a number of reasons.

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