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Cute Ice Cream Easy Drawings For 14 Years Olds

Easy Drawings For 14 Year Olds is a little reluctant to make friends when they first encounter them. Easy Drawings For 14 Year Olds Even if they know someone but don’t see them frequently, this can still rarely happen. Because they might only rarely visit, Easy Drawings For 14 Year Olds might not yet feel completely at ease around their aunt or uncle.

Instead of pressuring the child to respond to questions, please find a way to put them at ease while still making an effort to involve them.

Tutorial for Drawing Ice Cream

Drawing can help children establish relationships with the people in their lives. Send grandparents, uncles, or relatives to visit the young artist as they work in their favored setting. If the adult is especially good at drawing, it will amaze the child and put everyone at ease.

Even if they are not great artists, settling down and drawing with the kid can help them feel less stressed. Have the adult ask the kid about their artwork. They will feel pleased to show off their work and won’t have to put up with boring questions from adults.

If your child only uses video chat to interact with their family, this could create a further barrier between them and Aunt Lauren. By assembling over a video chat, these obstacles can be eliminated, and connections can be facilitated. It also makes it simpler for kids to sustain eye contact for longer than 30 seconds, which can be difficult.

Step-by-Step Drawing Instructions


  • I used a graphite pencil to outline the ice cream’s core in step 1. This line is slightly skewed to give the image more intrigue and dynamic movement.
  • I also added the shape’s upper and lower limits and outlined the transition between the ice cream cone and the real ice cream.


  • This step entails drawing straight lines from the bottom area to the ice cream cone’s side boundaries.
    Next, a circle is made around the ice cream cone.


  • I added the cone’s oval opening in the third stage. It will help us build the drawing correctly.


  • Step four draws the diagonal lines that make up the cone’s shape.


  • The fifth step entails introducing a collection of lines crossing existing ones. Now, we can discern a rhombic pattern.


  • Change and Color
  • The final step is to color your ice cream cone! You can color your image with any hue you like.
  • What flavor of ice cream do you prefer? If your ice cream tastes strawberry, you can add pink coloring. What about caramel sauce? Your sauce will have a light, black hue. Ask your kid to paint the ice cream cone however they would like one to appear.
  • When you’re finished, show off your amazing artwork! You will both appreciate discussing ice cream and the reasons behind your choice.

It’s time to start drawing:

  • Drawing is a great choice if you’re looking for a fun way for your kids to interact with family members! Does anyone enjoy ice cream? Anyone can start easily by drawing an ice cream cone.
  • All that’s left to do is go out and purchase a real ice cream cone to celebrate a job well done!
  • If you enjoyed this sketching practice, try some more! Caribu provides a broad range of “How to Draw” pages, including food and animal-related ones. Launch the Caribu software to start working on your original designs together!

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