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Commonly Asked Questions in Dissertation Defense – How to Prepare for Them

If you are doing your doctoral studies, you must write a dissertation to complete your degree. A dissertation is the final part of your degree, and after completing your dissertation, you have to go through the dissertation defense. It is actually a viva exam that your institutional professors and experts in this field conduct. A dissertation defense allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your research by answering the questions asked. The questions are mostly about your research; answering those questions can show your in-depth knowledge and understanding of your topic.

A dissertation defense may be 1 hour long or might take more than 1 hour. The duration of your defense depends on the area of your research and your knowledge about your research. In order to get approval for your dissertation, you need to pass your defense by giving satisfactory answers to the questions.

This article will give you some tips and information to prepare for your dissertation defense questions.

How to Prepare for your dissertation defense questions?

To give proper answers to the questions, you need to start your preparation during research for your dissertation. Don’t wait for your dissertation completion to start your preparation. You should have a greater understanding and information about your research. Reading your complete dissertation before entering your dissertation defense questions is good and helps to recall all the concepts.

Below are some following questions with their guidelines for your preparation:

What is the purpose of this research?

In answer to this dissertation defense question, you should explain why you conduct this research. For this sake, you can technically introduce your research to explain your concepts about the research topic.

What is the importance of your research?

To answer that dissertation defense question, you need to provide some points that explain the importance of your research topic. You can give some recommendations to tackle the issues of your research topic using future research. You can also show that your research topic is in your area of interest and will be helpful in the future in your interested field.

What types of information and data do you need to conduct your research?

Your instructor may ask you a dissertation defense question about the information you need for your research study. To answer that defense question, explain the type of data required for your findings. For example, you are doing research on seismic interpretation. For this sake, you need seismic data to complete your research.

What sources did you use to collect your information and data about the research topic?

In order to answer this dissertation defense question, you should provide them with the information of the sources. These sources may include books, publications, research projects, journals, and previous dissertations from where you collect the data and information to complete your research.

What is your research methodology?

It is one of the most important questions asked in the dissertation defense. You should demonstrate your research method by providing the equations or formulas you use to find the results of your research.

Why did you use this methodology for your research?

To answer the dissertation defense questions, you should show the importance and easiness of your research methodology. It is also important to demonstrate how your research methodology gives accurate and best findings rather than other research methodologies.

What are the findings of your research study?

It would be best if you demonstrated your research findings to answer that dissertation defense question. You can give brief information about your findings in 1 to 2 sentences.

What findings surprised you most and why?

This dissertation defense question concerns the unexpected findings you get in your dissertation research. If you get some findings that are out of your expectations, you can tell your externals with the justifications.

How does your research apply to practical life?

To answer that dissertation defense question, you must show how your research findings apply to the real world. It would be best to demonstrate how your research findings are helpful in the industry.

What are the limitations of your research study?

This dissertation defense question talks about the limitations of your research. You should provide them with at least one limitation of your research study. For this sake, you can concern about the gaps in your research findings.

However, these are some tips to prepare for your dissertation defense questions. If you still have difficulty preparing for defense questions, you can visit dissertation editing services. Their writers have years of experience in their field, and they can provide you with brief information.


Your dissertation has a greater significance in getting your degree with good grades. In order to get approval for your dissertation, you need to pass your dissertation defense. In this defense, you must show your understanding and knowledge of your research study. You may ask different questions and have to give a short and proper answer to that questions to satisfy your internals and externals.

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